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Hey!  Justin and Tara here.   :)  So, what is Millionaire University?  Glad you asked!

Millionaire University is a launchpad for entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business doing what they love.

Have you ever felt stuck in your job or your life?

Have you ever thought that there's something bigger you should be doing, but you're not sure what it might be or how to figure it out?

Or maybe you have a business idea that you'd love to turn into reality... but you're just not sure where to start or what steps to take?

Maybe you believe entrepreneurship is for you... but you're still sitting on the sidelines due to fear or uncertainty, or you're facing obstacles you're not sure how to overcome.

Whatever's holding you back, it's time to crush it and launch that business!
Business & Marketing Essentials
You'll learn business strategies and marketing tactics that actually work... and you won't be wasting time on outdated "conceptual" stuff.

Our focus is on teaching you what you need to know to launch and grow a business that will start making you money as soon as possible.
Personal Growth & Development
The biggest factor in your business's success is... you.  Yep, it all comes down to whether or not you have what it takes to push past your obstacles, face your fears, and make it happen. 

We're going to help you develop the mindset and productivity practices of a successful entrepreneur.
Coaching, Accountability, & More
Your assumptions will be challenged.  Your ideas will be questioned.  And through it all, our role will be help guide and direct you toward your ultimate destination... even when the path gets murky.

We'll hold you accountable.  We'll support and encourage.  And we'll give you our best to help you reach your dreams.
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